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Enabling NAT Loopback on 2Wire DSL Modem/Gateway

September 14th, 2010


Enabling NAT Loopback on 2Wire DSL Modem/Gateway
Keywords: 2wire cannot access my website within my network


2Wire DSL Gateway / Router / Modem


If you are hosting a web server or have a public DNS name pointed at your network, when trying to access that public Fully Qualified DNS Name (FQDN) or web URL you cannot access it because your router is not allowing NAT loopback. Example – you have a webserver hosting in your network and when you are outside your network you can get to your website just fine. However within your network it will not work.


I found a couple of resources that allowed a workaround.

You need to access the 2wire advanced configuration page by using »

Login and then scroll down to Advanced -> DNS Resolve.

Then type your DNS site name and its corresponding local IP address.

This should create the static route so that when your router sees your URL it knows to deliver that locally instead of going out to the internet to retrieve the page.

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