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Disable UAC on Server 2012

May 28th, 2013

I will not get into the politics of why you would or would not want to disable UAC. However when you do have the need, you can do it by editing this registry key. Disabling it through the GUI does not actually disable it anymore as of Windows 8/Server 2012.

Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\system
Changing the DWORD “EnableLUA” from 1 to 0

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RDS Remove Domain requirement from RDWeb login page

May 3rd, 2013

After installing Remote Desktop Web Services, one of the first things that I wanted to do was remove the requirement to put the domain name in. I am in a single domain environment and do not have a need for users to have to qualify their domain. I found the following fairly simple fix:

– Find the file renderscripts.js which for me was located in: C:\Windows\Web\RDWeb\Pages\renderscripts.js

– Find the function onLoginFormSubmit()

– Find the lines:

if ( objForm != null )
strDomainUserName = objForm.elements("DomainUserName").value;

– Copy/Paste the following code after the lines above:

// add default domain...
if ( strDomainUserName.indexOf("\\") == -1 )
strDomainUserName = "YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME\\" + strDomainUserName;
objForm.elements("DomainUserName").value = strDomainUserName;

– Save the File.


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Cluster Aware Updating Role Install Failure

March 22nd, 2013

“Unable to create the CAU clustered role because a Network Name resource could not be created. This can occur if a computer account (virtual computer object) for the role could not be created in the domain. Check the event log for more information. If the cluster name account does not have permissions to create the object, you can pre-stage a computer account in Active Directory. Then, use the Add-CauClusterRole Windows PowerShell cmdlet with the VirtualComputerObjectName parameter to create the CAU clustered role. For more information about pre-staging computer accounts, see”

When the CAU role is installed, it attempts to create a computer object in the same OU as the Cluster computer object. Even though you are logged in as a Domain Admin, it will fail because the Cluster Computer object is what is attempting to create the new object, not your user. The resolution for this is to add permissions to the OU containing the Cluster computer object so that it can create the new object.

1. Open up Active Directory Users and Computers, go to View and select Advanced Features.
2. Navigate to the OU where your cluster object resides and right-click on the folder and choose properties.
3. Go to the Security tab. Add your Hyper-V cluster computer object, then choose Advanced.
4. From there select your Hyper-V cluster object and choose Edit. Navigate down to “Create Computer objects” and check the check box.
5. Re-run the powershell command or CAU Wizard to enable the role.

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