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Deploying AT&T Global Client through SCCM

March 25th, 2013

After attempting to deploy the ANIRA AT&T Global Client through SCCM, the following was noted:

msiexec.exe /i agnc_vpn.msi ACCOUNT=ANRXX FIREWALL_STATE=disabled REBOOT=ReallySuppress

– The client would install but connectivity to the device would be lost.
– The virtual adapter would not install
– Command line switches would not be followed.
– Suppressing reboot would be ignored causing the machine to reboot multiple times.
– Application would open and launch, but upon connecting to the VPN it would give an error that the VPN client was not installed.

We eventually contacted support, who instructed us to use this instead:


Using this switch caused the client to install correctly without automatically rebooting the computer.

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Cisco VPN Client on Windows 8 – failed to enable the virtual adapter

January 29th, 2013

On Windows 8 when trying to connect via  the Cisco VPN client you get an error:  “failed to enable the virtual adapter”
·    Open Registry editor
·    Browse to the Registry Key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\CVirtA
·    Select the DisplayName to modify, and remove the leading characters from the value data up to “%;” i.e.
·    For x86, change the value data from something like “@oem8.inf,%CVirtA_Desc%;Cisco Systems VPN Adapter” to “Cisco Systems VPN Adapter”
·     For x64, change the value data from something like “@oem8.inf,%CVirtA_Desc%;Cisco Systems VPN Adapter for 64-bit Windows” to “Cisco Systems VPN Adapter for 64-bit Windows”
·    No restart required, try connecting again

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Reduce RAS initial DHCP Reservations

October 19th, 2010


I have a subnet that is running out of IP addresses.  RAS is taking up 10 ip addresses on the DHCP server even though I only have a small handful of users that will likely use the server at once. I wanted to reduce the number of IP’s initially reserved by RAS. 
Keywords: routing and remote access reduce dhcp reservations vpn.


Windows Server 2008 R2 standard. Also works on Server 2003 and likely Small Business Server 2003/2008


When looking on the DHCP Server there are 10 leases allocated to the VPN server.  


To reduce the number of initial leases/reservations that RAS takes you just have to change and/or create the following key in the registry:

Value Name: InitialAddressPoolSize
Data Type: REG_DWORD
Default: 10
The default is 10 leases, I wanted it at 3 so I just added the key above and set the key to 3.  This means that it will only take 3 IP addresses initially, if those are used it will request an additional 3 leases.

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